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Interview Tips

Interview Tips – Murad International:

Merely to explain an interview, it is a formal name for the exchange of information and impressions, and is the supreme part of the selection process. The employers are thoroughly going to check the depth of candidate’s various latent and inner qualities such as honesty, benevolence, moral rectitude, and degree of commitment to work, —- and interpersonal and communication skills, in addition to the educational qualifications, expertise, job competency, and working experience.

This also helps in deciding the suitability and appropriateness of the candidates for specified posts and positions. We are interested in what and how much a candidate can contribute to the organization. Some of the pivotal suggestions are as follows—–

1. Arrive just 20—30 minutes before the scheduled interview time, not long before or after it. Don’t dress too casually, or wear too much perfume. Wear conservative business attire.

2. Come prepared and focused and Stay relaxed, calm and cool. Think only about your skills, accomplishments, and abilities. Prevent fidgeting, leaning on the table/ chair, or weak handshake.

3. Answer wisely and carefully short but precise.

4. Your body languages or speeches should not show arrogance, rather than confidence. Avoid talking negatively about past company/ manager/ employer.

5. You should have thorough knowledge about why you are here, your subject, job, and responsibilities. You have to demonstrate your ability to do the job much better than your competitors. We are interested in what you can contribute to the organization.

5. Know beforehand your major contribution to the last job, and also the preferences in your next job, along with your long and short-term goals.

6. Your body languages, thoughts, and deeds should confirm that you are disciplined, honest, punctilious, urbane, and trustworthy.